Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm from Buffalo, NY.
I'm really into nice cars and free spirits.
Bartender Life.
Wannabe Model / Beer pong Champ

East Coast blues.

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Howdee. Happy Easter :-) 
Now I’m stuck at work til 10…wah.

That awkward moment when you don’t look at the time for 4 hours 😱
I gotta be up in like 6 hours for breakfast. Guaahhh.
Happy Easter to all my lovely followers!!

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Anonymous: I'll keep that in mind! I've been at university for 2 years taking sciences but it's just not right and I can't decide whether or not to finish or pursue trades since I've always enjoyed working with my hands and that kind of stuff. I've constantly wondered when things would work out and I would have a path in life so it's nice to hear from someone who seems to know what's up and is feeling the world out just like me

I haven’t even been to college yet! So you’re definitely getting there! 😁 Granted, not to sound like I’m not being humble or anything but my job currently pays more than the career I’m trying to go to school for in the fall. So why waste all the money I make now, to go to school for a job id make just as much doing? Working 9-5 sounds HORRIBLE to me. 3-10 is a dream come true. It’s all super confusing and I have noooo idea what to do either. I know I should be getting myself into a program but at the same time I’m like, why bother. All it would do is show my parents I’m not gonna be working at a bar for the rest of my life. You know? I do want to get into the program and I basically know most of the material taught. But that would mean less hours at my current job and less moneys to enjoy on myself.
Lol, Life is confusing and way too short to please everyone. 😔
We will find our own paths, just enjoy it as we go, huh?
It’s awesome you’re headed in the right direction tho. And if you stray from the path then so what! Just as long as you’re keeping your head above water. :)

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Anonymous: Well that bunch of stuff all over the place really made a lot of sense haha. I can see why everyone thinks you're older than you are, you're a very mature 20. I've been trying to figure out what to do with my life since I turned 20 in February and the way you explained things just kind of clicked. Thanks for sharing it :)

Awwwwww stop! You’re seriously making me tear up haha if I am one thing it’s a very emotional person.. I seriously am so happy I impacted you like that. We will both get to where we are meant to be someday, things get tough but if you ever need anything I’m just an ask away! :’)

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protestandsurvive45: So a grasshopper walks into a bar and says the to the bartender whats your specials? The bartender says well we have a drink named after you. And the grasshopper says really ? You guys have a drink named Rick?

I’m loving all these bar jokes 😂! I never heard that one.
There’s an old guy that comes in a lot that I wanna tell these to tomorrow. I’m excited.

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Anonymous: I read because it was worth reading haha just surprised at how young you are really

Aw hey well thanks! I’ll take that as a compliment if it’s okay. It was a bunch of stuff piled into one very much all over the place. It’s awesome you read it tho. Means quite a ton to me. :’)

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Anonymous: so here's a bar joke. So a skeleton walks into a bar and the bartender asks "what can I get for you?" and the skeleton says "i'll have a beer and a mop. btw you like 26?

Hahah! That’s a good one.

A bear walks into a bar and the bartender asks “what can I get you?” The bear says “id like a rum…….and coke.” The bartender says “sure but why the big pause?” The bear replies “oh these? I was born with them.”

26 ohhh I wish I was 26. I always love getting told I’m older than my actual age.

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Anonymous: 20?

Wooooo! We have a winner. Too bad I can’t send you a prize! I’ll be 21 in July 😊

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