I'm from Buffalo, NY.

I'm into nice cars and free spirits.

Bartender Life.

Wannabe Model / Beer pong Champ

East Coast blues.

Home Say hello! My face.
Going  to the strip club…. I’m so tan why do I look like this

*best pickup line i have ever heard*

Hey girl you got pet insurance?
Cause your pussy is getting SMASHED tonight.

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Anonymous: what piercings do you have

Nose earrings venoms belly botton and 2 dermals in my back dimples.

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So this lasted a day…. Currently going back to black. I need to stop telling myself to do these stupid things lol.

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Idkhow I feel about this.


It started off with a facebook post awhile back. I posted “lets get breakfast” and she messaged me saying she lived down the street from me. So we got breakfast. I remember thinking, “damn, this girl is really smart and funny and this is a good breakfast.” Then we had a bit to drink about it. I walked her home that night, kissed her on the forehead and said thanks for the company. The next day she asked if I wanted to hang out. I couldnt wait to get out of work. We hung out. I walked her home. Kissed her on the forehead and said thanks for the company. The third day, we both had off and we fucked. Boy did we fuck. We continued hanging out for a month and one night while we were having sex she looked at me, through me, deep deep into my soul and asked “will you be my man?” And while in that instant I felt trapped and awkward I said yes. Today is her 25th birthday and I am so happy this lady fell in step with me through life. I wasnt looking for a partner or a connection, I just wanted someone to accompany me to breakfast. So here’s a bit of advice to ya, stop looking for a partner. You cant shop for a human being. They fall right in front of you sometimes and you just fall in step with them and walk together.

Oooooooooooooooohh so sweet.

Anonymous: how many followers do you have


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