I'm from Buffalo, NY.

I'm into nice cars and free spirits.

Bartender Life.

Wannabe Model / Beer pong Champ

East Coast blues.

Home Say hello! My face.

Just took a “dab” in candy form lol

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If my life can’t get any worse someone broke into my car last night and stole everything. Fucking wonderful

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Anonymous: Is it cool for a guy to get a brazilian wax? Even though its late to ask cause I already got one.

Whatever makes you happy

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i wont rest until ive complained about everything

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Anonymous: You're beautiful and I don't know you at all. But you seem like a real gem. And whatever's bringing you down isn't worth putting a frown on your face. I hope your day gets better because you deserve every happiness. Chin up. :)

Thank you. I love you 💜

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It’s sad when a girl who you barely know off a shitty website can make you feel better than anyone you know in real life

Fuck you.

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